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Executive Board 2014-2015


Please congratulate your new Executive Board for 2014-2015. We are so excited to see what they have in store for Barkada!

President: James Tan
Vice President: Alexis Aguila
Treasurer: Seve Barrameda
Secretary: Carl Palad
Internal Public Relations: Melissa de Leon
External Public Relations: Alexis Bagon
Co-Performance Coordinators: Jen Hayashi and Melanie Chu
Media Specialist: Alexa Nguyen
Historian: Jessica Chen

Thank you to all of the candidates who ran! We are proud of you all :)



Congrats to our March Members of the Month!

March 2014

Name: Isabel Li

Major: Media and Screen/Communication Studies

College: College of Arts, Media, and Design

Year of Graduation: 2018

Hobbies: Traveling, running, singing, drumming, playing piano, writing, skateboarding, eating good food.

Favorite Filipino Food: Lumpia is my true love.

Current Song on iPod: Body Music by AlunaGeorge

Favorite Thing About Barkada: Coming from, I’ve had a hard time adjusting to Northeastern- but everybody in Barkada has been more than welcoming and amazing to me, and I really appreciate that!

Other Extracurricular Activities: World Fusion Ensemble, Chinese Student Association

Fun Fact: I was Jigglypuff 3 years in a row for Halloween in elementary school


Name: Creighton Nakamura

Major: Electrical Engineering

College: College of Engineering

Year of Graduation: 2018

Hobbies: Running, listening to music, smiling, eating

Favorite Filipino Food: Lumpia (yay!)

Current Song on iPod: Paint (remix) by Gentleman’s Vibe

Favorite Thing About Barkada: THE PEOPLE!!! It’s really nice to meet people with the aloha spirit in different places! Family doesn’t feel too far away :)

Other Extracurricular Activities: Barkada is love; Barkada is life!

Fun Fact: I like it when it rains. Tea. Blanket. Netflix. Nothing better :D




Bahay Kubo 2014

The day started at 9AM, hauling benches and props from Curry Student Center to Fenway Center, standing outside locked doors. Once in, Barkada was in for a long day filled with singing, dancing, and skits. Emotions ran high as the day went on, the fuel of morning coffee waning down. Each tech went smoothly, things were on schedule, and Barkada was ready for a perfect evening.

The doors opened and families, friends, and even some alumni poured in. Seats were filling at a rapid pace and the energy was high. Led in by stellar performances by Ivana Sitoy singing the American national anthem and Alexis Bagon singing Lupang Hinirang, the Filipino national anthem, and a PC introduction by Alexis Aguila and Jelina Castillo, the crowd was ready for the beginning of Bahay Kubo 2014.

Until, black. Faced with a minor technical difficulty during the intro video, the crowd waited in silence for minutes, both dancers and audience eager to begin. Finally, after some ruffling, the story began.

Alexis de Santos is a spoiled girl from Manila, attending school at Northeastern. Accompanied by her boyfriend, Julian, attending Boston University, she plans on working in fashion away from the “drab” of Filipino clothing. Along the way she meets James, an RA at Northeastern who tries his hardest to become accustomed to the school. As she meets new people and tensions run high, Alexis learns from her family, friends, yaya, and James, the true values of Filipino heritage and culture (along with being just a bit less snooty).

Between the skits Barkada had numerous cultural performances. Beginning with a ballroom piece by Justin Bioc, members took to the stage dancing a fusion of rumba and hustle. Afterwards, a tinikling piece by Noel Llado dazzled the audience with flying sticks and twirling dancers. Next, Stephanie Rabino and her court of singkil dancers wowed the audience with a dramatic entrance. Jelina Castillo’s binasuan dance shocked everyone as not a drop of water spilled from their balancing act. Tim De Jesus’ sayaw sa bangko dance had the venue sitting on the edge of their seats as benches stacked higher and higher. Finally, James Tan’ maglalatik performance had the audience in laughter from a Single Ladies Beyonce twist.

Guest performances by Iskwelehang Pilipino and Manny Garcia added to the show as well. IP brought audience members back to their days in the Philippines as guitars, rondallas, and basses played traditional Filipino folk songs. Manny Garcia swooned the audience (especially the ladies) as he crooned tunes inspired by soul, jazz, and R&B. His powerful vocals and original pieces (mixed in with some modern covers) left the audience mesmerized by his vocalization and keyboard playing, winning the applause of everyone at Fenway Center. 

Before the last performances, the seniors gave their final BK blessings to the younger generations of Barkada members, encouraging us all to continue tradition having fun and embodying the Filipino spirit of family and camaraderie. This all set the stage for the modern performance, as members of Barkada danced to the fierce hits of Beyonce. Donning Beyonce inspired t shirts, Barkada members danced an original line dance by the PC’s, Jelina and Alexis, to Destiny Child’s “Bootylicious.” Following, Alexis and Ryan Punzalan choreographed a modern castanets portion and modern coconuts portion respectively to “Grown Woman.” This transitioned into a fierce piece complete with booty shaking and tribal moves. Anna Nguyen and Ivana Sitoy choreographed a slightly risque dance to “Baby Boy” combined with scarves for the ladies (to be joined by the boys later). Afterwards, Noel and Malisa Saksua brought a more romantic vibe with their couple piece to “Love On Top.” Next, a heartwarming performance by the senior class to “The Way You Move” by Outkast put a bittersweet break in the middle of the set as they celebrated their final Bahay Kubo performance. Finally, a finale dance to “End of Time” was fittingly choreographed by our lovely PC’s, Jelina and Alexis, ended the show with tinikling sticks, coconuts, a male section, and an overall energy packed finish.

The end of the show marked the end of a stress filled and emotion ridden, highly enjoyable semester of dance practices and preparation. Our lovely PC’s were presented with flowers and a surprise giant cupcake as members of eboard thanked various people and organizations for their support. As clean up began tearful eyes glazed over cameras, smiling at the end of a job well done. There could not have been a more perfect ending to the story of Bahay Kubo 2014.

Until next year, Barkada. May we share the stage once more.

Peace, Love, Barkada.

- James



IT’S (almost) T-SHIRT TIME 😃 Two days away and shirts are in! Get excited, friends! #BahayKubo2014

IT’S (almost) T-SHIRT TIME 😃 Two days away and shirts are in! Get excited, friends! #BahayKubo2014

Check out the mystical powers of Super Kat, Master of Time, and the awesome moves of Barkada next Saturday, March 22 at Celebr(asian)! It’ll be an action packed show with crazy performances by us and the rest of PAAC! It’s only a matter of time… (at Blackman Auditorium)

Check out the mystical powers of Super Kat, Master of Time, and the awesome moves of Barkada next Saturday, March 22 at Celebr(asian)! It’ll be an action packed show with crazy performances by us and the rest of PAAC! It’s only a matter of time… (at Blackman Auditorium)



Happy 21st birthday to our awesome PC, Jelina!! 🎂🎁🎉  (at Curry Student Center)

Happy 21st birthday to our awesome PC, Jelina!! 🎂🎁🎉 (at Curry Student Center)

Bahay Kubo is THIS Saturday, 3/15! Come to the Fenway Center at 7PM to watch our annual culture show! Check our Facebook page/event for ticketing information! #BahayKubo2014 (at The Fenway Center)

Bahay Kubo is THIS Saturday, 3/15! Come to the Fenway Center at 7PM to watch our annual culture show! Check our Facebook page/event for ticketing information! #BahayKubo2014 (at The Fenway Center)

Look at me! We’re on Instagram! Follow us @nubarkada for awesome NU Barkada updates! (at Curry Student Center)

Look at me! We’re on Instagram! Follow us @nubarkada for awesome NU Barkada updates! (at Curry Student Center)



Congratulations to our February MoM :D

February 2014

Name: Alexis Bagon

Major: Political Science

College: College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Year of Graduation: 2017

Hobbies: Listening to music, singing/dancing to myself, watching old movies, filming and taking photos

Favorite Filipino Food: Bibingka, pan de sal, turon, lugaw, cassava, cascaron, afritada

Current Song on iPod: Nirvana - Sam Smith

Favorite Thing About Barkada: Da peapole, da dahnseeng, and da lub.

Other Extracurricular Activities: District One (I suppose that’s just extra Barkada, but you can never get too much right?) and volunteering

Fun Fact: I like long walks on the beach - kidding, but not actually kidding. I love walking for leisure with nothing but my beat up pair of headphones and my Spotify playlists. Doesn’t matter where really, as long as I can get back.




Congrats to our January Member of the Month :D!

January 2014

Name: Darnell M. McFarlane

Major: Computer Science

College: College of Computer and Information Science (CCIS)

Year of Graduation: 2016/2017

Hobbies: Eating, drawing, EaTiNg, hanging out with Friends, eAtInG, playing video games, EATing, getting lost when travelling and calling it an adventure, eatING, watching anime, 3471N9, dancing (kinda), EATING once more just for good measure, and roaming the Interwebz

Favorite Filipino Food: CHICKEN ADOBO!!! Siomai and siopao

Current Song on iPod: iPod’s actually dead but if I had to choose a song, probably I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly (Space Jam was awesome)

Favorite Thing About Barkada: Its like a little slice of home :) … When I first came to the U.S., I used to ask a lot of people if they were Filipino and now I found an entire club xD

Other Extracurricular Activities: NUSJP

Fun Fact: I lived in the Philippines for about 7 years and it was the longest time I stayed in one place… and the language wasn’t the only thing I learned ;)





Tune Out The Typhoon! A Benefit Concert Supporting The Philippines


In early November, Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest storm ever recorded, made landfall on the Philippines. Its impact has led to over 6,000 deaths, tens of thousands of people missing, millions of families displaced and homeless, and over $800 million in damages to agriculture and infrastructure.

All proceeds from NU Barkada’s benefit concert will go directly to Gawad Kalinga, a Phiippine-based movement that aims to end poverty, and their “Operation Walang Iwanan” campaign.

This campaign is geared specifically to typhoon relief efforts by distributing food packs, repairing damaged roofs, replacing fishing boats, and ultimately rebuilding 20,000 new homes.

Tonight’s performances include:
- Miggy Milla 
- Hydroponikz
- NU Pitch, Please!
- Trixie Aguila, Alexis Aguila, and James Tan
- Izzy Weekes
- Grant Fisher
- Junior Cuis
- Muigai Unaka
- Kim Olmilla 

There is a suggested donation of $5. Please join Barkada in helping family, friends, and victims in the Philippines!



Congrats to our October MoMs!

Irina and Jen are both our October Members of the Month!

October 2013

Name: Irina Ahn

College: College of Science

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

Year of Graduation: 2017/2018

Hobbies: Swimming, singing, dancing, eating

Favorite Filipino Food: Adobo

Current Song Playing: Cough Syrup - Young the Giant

Favorite Thing About Barkada: The people and the loving <3

Extracurricular Activities: Neurons, kasa, barkada <3

Fun Fact: I speak fluent swag! Bahahaha jk… I just have fat thumbs.



October 2013

Name: Jen Hayashi

College: College of Science

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

Year of Graduation: 2017

Hobbies: Dancing, snowboarding, going on adventures, singing excessively loud while driving, hiking, reading Kurt Vonnegut books & Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite Filipino Food: Lumpia. Yum

Current Song(s) Playing: Bloom by The Paper Kites, If So by Atlas Genius, Yellow by Coldplay.

Favorite Thing About Barkada: Everyone was extremely welcoming from the start. The energy level is so high and it is honestly just a lot of fun.

Extracurricular Activities: Kinematix, NUAMSA Pre-Med, Circle K, Book Club

Fun fact: I’m not actually Filipino. But really, fun fact: I’ve never been to Asia.





Thank you, Seve, our 1st Mr. Barkada!

Thank you to our Mr. Barkada, Seve Barrameda, for doing a great job in the first ever Mr. PAAC!

Seve started out the competition blazing, proudly bearing Barkada’s flag in the opening ceremony and donning the Filipino barong in traditional wear. His poise and excitement gleamed! Next, he wowed the judges with his extraordinary dancing skills. Maybe some of you had an idea of what Seve could do, as Kinematix and Static Noyze alum and current member of UpDrifting, however, no one was prepared to watch Seve groove the way he did to “Body Party” by Ciara with his partner, Reggie. He rounded out the performance to hip hop classics as he popped, locked, jammed, and breaked his way through the competition! After talent, Seve and Reggie dazzled the crowd with his formal wear, posing for the camera and soaring to success! Finally, when faced with a tough question by the judges, Seve was able to re-compose himself and answer with confidence!

Thank you so much, Seve, for being our very first Mr. Barkada! The competition was close, but you will always be Mr. PAAC to all of us!






Congrats to our September Member of the Month :)

September 2013

Name: Hashem Rashad

College: College of Engineering

Year of Graduation: 2017/2018

Major: Industrial Engineering

Hobbies: Dancing, table tennis

Favorite Filipino Food: Haven’t had any :(

Other Extracurricular Activities: NUSJP

Fun Fact: I started dancing after watching Chris Brown’s music video of “Forever.”




NU Barkada 2013 Fall Introduction, “Peetch Perfect!”

Barkadudes Vs Barkadettes…what will the future of Barkada hold..?